KIDS AND CO LIMITED has been one of the leading Baby Stroller trading company in Cyprus with Offices in USA, Malaysia snd UK that deals with all kinds of Baby strollers and Accessories that you need to give your Baby comfort.



Welcome to the KIDS AND CO LIMITED – We are the Importer & General Order Supplier of all kind of Baby and Baby Accessories (Local & Foreign), Baby strollers, Baby Toys, Baby Walkers, Carseats, Maxi-Cosi etc.


Our motto is to offer high quality products at affordable value. Customer service and satisfaction is also our top priority whereby we place heavy emphasis on after sales support. We are proud to stand behind the products & services we provide.




KIDS AND CO LIMITED was establish the year 2008, and uptill date we are happy to celebrate 5 year anniversary, we give our customer the best to make them happy that is why we are among the leading company in Import and Exports of Baby strollers and accessories. as you can see that the picture of our store below.




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